Monday, September 8, 2008

My first completed project since...2005!

So, here's the shirt. The shirt has lots of problems, but I like it. See those two weird seams in the back? I misjudged how big I was, and had to insert a panel late in the process. They're kindof special...but then again so am I.

I'm really proud of the sleeves though. I've never done a good sleeve before, so these little cap sleeves were quite the accomplishment for me!

I would've taken a picture with it on, but when it's on I can't get it off! The fabric just doesn't have enough stretch, so I'm going to have to make a cut down the back and put in buttons or a zipper in the side or something. Bummer.

But I can't be too harsh on it beings it's the first thing I've sewn from beginning to end in three years. It's pretty good considering that! The top half is from a Vogue pattern, and I free-handed the bottom part using another shirt as a pattern.


  1. Excellent job. I have yet to do a shirt... Dresses are easier especially in size 4T. Hee Hee. Love ya.

  2. Oh, just thought you'd like this...