Saturday, November 1, 2008


Oops! I meant to post these on Friday, but I got caught up in the last season of LOST on My bad :)

This is Su-bee. She looks mad, but that's only because I'm making her sit still. She LOVES her bee suit, and she wore it to visit my mom and her friend. Yes, I'm one of those that dresses up her dog. Don't hate.

(and P.S. you're not allowed to judge my dirty floor. I was sick! KTHX)

And these are our pumpkins we carved Halloween night. DH's pumpkin has got (and I quote) a "douchey" smile. He's also wearing a bluetooth headset, lol. And mine is supposed to be a wolf howling at the moon. DH said it looks like he's pooping, in front of the moon. Awesome. (there are some really talented stars on the side, too) My arm is sore today from scraping out the moon area.
Hope everyone else had a fun, safe Halloween!
p.s. Those mini caramel apples I posted the other day rock. Go make them. Right now.

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  1. I would make them. But H is allergic to apples. It makes me very sad.

    The puppy is cute as a bee. :-) I love it!