Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Adding to my stash

I was so excited to pick up my package of cuttlebug folders from the post office yesterday, but unfortunately it was a crazy day at work and I didn't get to play with them. Today after work, they were the first thing I reached for!

I plan to send in a stack of plain Christmas cards to Card Cupids for the hospital, so I made this little card using the snowflake cuttlebug folder, my texture boutique, sandpaper, glitter glue, and paper embellishments.
The little trees came in a jar of paper embellishments that my mom bought me to use for the Card Cupid project :) Thanks Mama, I'm sure I'll find lots of uses for them!


  1. Your card is so cute! I love the idea to make some extra cards and give them to the hospital!!!Great job... Have a blessed day ;0).

    Carol L.

  2. Your card is so cute. I love my cuttlebug.

  3. Did u get ur cuttlebug folders at Joanns???
    I saw them online 3 weeks ago for $2.99 each and I bought a whole bunch! That's what I call a bargain :) oh yea, and the card is beyond adorable!!!

  4. janet that's exactly where I got them! I couldn't pass them up for $2.99!