Friday, December 14, 2007

Burnin' down the house

So last night I made pumpkin bread when I got off work. I only had about two hours between jobs, so I thought that I would make it count. After it cooked, I took it out of the oven and set it on a burner to cool.
Fast forward to 10 minutes later, I smell something burning. I run to the kitchen and there is my pumpkin bread smoking like a chimney. C had decided he was going to make a hamburger, so he had turned that burner on, and forgot about it. I didn't notice that it was on, because why would an empty burner that hasn't been used for days be hot?
Ya, it almost caught on fire. C insisted that it would still be good, we just had to scrape off the burned bottom. Well the smoke from the part that was burning filtered through the rest of the bread, and it was ruined. grrrrr.
We're just lucky we didn't leave the house or anything, it could have burned down.

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