Friday, June 6, 2008

No Cherry Pitters?

It's Cherry season here in Northern CA. Big beautiful Cherries are everywhere the eye can see. There are trees in yards that are bowing from the weight, and stands on every corner. (Maybe not every corner, but I've seen several). My coworkers brought in two big bowls to share, and since it's the end of the week and they weren't going to get eaten they told me to take them home. Sweet, I'm going to make cherry jam, I thought.
Well, first I had a nap (don't judge me! You're never too old for a nap). Then I had dinner. Then I talked with DH and we looked for houses online. By 8:45 I remembered I had Cherries to pit, but no pitter. So I said to DH, hey, lets walk to Target, it's beautiful out and I need a cherry pitter. So we walked the 6 blocks to Target (Past a Linens and Things, which I'm kicking myself for). Would you believe that they don't carry Cherry pitters!? It's Northern California! There are orchards everywhere and you don't carry Cherry pitters? Do you not eat fruit?? C said, "See, nobody uses Cherry pitters anymore".

"Well, what do they use to pit the cherries, Smarty Pants? "

"Nothing. They buy Jam."



  1. Don't you know? You have to suck all the pits out of the cherries all by yourself. Don't worry about germs or anything, though, or it will ruin the entire experience. :-)

  2. Weirdness. Cherry jam not a big mover in Australia, so didn't even know they made cherry pitters. Perhaps one designed for olives would work also?

    Was it 8.45 PM you went to Target?