Saturday, February 13, 2010

Conversation Heart Cookies

Because everyone is doing it! Inspired by Annie over at Annie's Eats (have I mentioned her yet? That woman has my heart. Her pictures and food are beautiful and her recipes easy to follow. Go visit her now, it wont hurt my feelings!) I decided to attempt to make conversation heart sugar cookies.
Every season I forget how much I *hate* rolling out sugar cookies, and this time I figured out why, I'm impatient! I never wait for the dough to chill. After giving up on my cookies for 6 hours, I came back to perfectly chilled dough and easy to roll cookies. Doh!

Also, this is only my second attempt ever at royal icing. The first time I absolutely hated it, and swore never to do it again. This time I sat at the table and used Annie's Tips, and had a lot more fun. I will definitely be making royal iced cookies again and again.

I used this sugar cookie recipe, from a year in the kitchen, and Annie's Royal icing recipe. These are some of the best sugar cookies I've ever tasted! The lemon really makes them special.

I'm still a little impatient when it comes to decorating and I didn't wait until the base color was fully dry before writing on them, and my base color is pretty lumpy. Oh well, live and learn! I'll work on my technique for St. Patty's day! Also, I had the hardest time thinking of sayings to write! I didn't even think of "be mine", which is pretty much the ultimate Valentines day saying. It was 11pm, I'll blame my brain delete on that!

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