Sunday, March 21, 2010

Crochet baby hat....with ears!

I've seen these adorable knitted/crocheted hats all over the interwebs, but since I have no patience to follow a crochet pattern (anyone else get lost in ch.1 dhc. dc. sl. in 1. turn and repeat from *. What??) I had to wing it. I like winging it. And the great thing about really fuzzy yarn like this is that you can't see if I made any mistakes. As a semi new crocheter, I love that!
But, I'll put my pattern here just for you, in case you are fluent in crochet. Actually, in case you are fluent in my short hand, because that's what my pattern is in.

Tiny (newborn size) baby hat with ears
ch. 5, dbl ch in 3rd ch from loop, dbl ch in each ch. Tie off and leave about 5 inches of yarn. Make two.

ch. 5, join with sl st.

row 1
dbl ch. in each st, join with sl st. turn.

row 2
2 single stitch, dbl ch in each st, join with sl st. Turn

row 3
2 single stitch, dbl ch in first ch, 2 dbl chain in next. repeat this pattern around and join with sl st

rows 4-8 (or however big you want the hat. mine has no brim, but you could easily add more rows to create a brim)
ch 2, dbl chain in each stitch, working in 2 double chains at every 10th st. join rows with sl. stitch

Once you've finished the hat, you sew the ears on using the extra 5 inches of yarn that you left at the begging.

Hope my short hand works for you! I love how this little bugger turned out, and it only took me a few minutes to make. I see many more of these in my future!

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