Thursday, March 25, 2010

Fun birthday Craft

Many of my nieces and nephew are at the age where gift buying is HARD, but who doesn't like getting money? My Nephew turned 12 this year, and I decided that I was going to make his gift of Money a little more fun.

I took 25 crisp one dollar bills (straight from the bank) and taped them end to end with cheap tape (cheap so it peeled off easier). Every 5 bills I taped in a note like "Will it never end!?!?!?!". Then I rolled the whole shebang up and put it in a wrapped box with a slit in the top (I used a sudafed box, and I wrapped it first leaving on side open to insert the money into)

My nephew thought this was hilarious! We were cracking up the whole time. It really turned a dull gift into something exciting :)

1 comment:

  1. That's a super cute idea...if one HAS $25 to spare!! LOL
    I was thinking...this would be a cute idea too, that instead of money, print out little "coupons" like, "No dish washing for a week" or "Movie night of your choice" or "Good for one new nail polish" or something...hmm...very good idea mother.