Wednesday, December 8, 2010


For Thanksgiving dessert I decided to try to make a cheesecake. It's on my 25 before 25 list, and my mother in law doesn't eat much gluten, so I thought it would be the perfect dessert (to go along with the traditional walnut, apple and pumpkin pies that we had!).

I found my recipe on Tasty Kitchen, and it was very simple and easy to make. I added a chocolate ganache on top to make it richer, and I used chocolate Graham crackers for the crust.

Also, I didn't have a springform pan and I didn't want to invest in one until I knew if this was something I was willing to attempt again, so I used a tart pan. It meant the cheesecake was very thin, but with the ganache topping it was the perfect size because it was so rich!

I'll definitely be investing in a springform pan, because this cheesecake was awesome!

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