Monday, December 6, 2010

New Card Cupid Recipients

Happy Monday Morning! Actually, i despise Monday mornings. I'm like this guy:

But, regardless of my feelings of this day, we have some new children needing some cheering up over at Card Cupids, please go over and read their stories, and consider sending in a card to cheer them up! These three stories really tugged at my heart strings. I can't wait to make them something special.


  1. Darling blog! I love to eat and craft too! Love your Punkin Butt story and LOVE your dogs!! One of them looks a bit like mine!! hugs, Barb

  2. Me too on both counts. I really hope that we can give them lots of goodies!

  3. Yeah, some Mondays, okay, most Mondays, I can definitely relate to the video. Thanks for you comment on my blog and thank you for becoming a follower! Much appreciated!