Thursday, September 16, 2010

Michaels Make Your Own Sale Coupon!

I came across this coupon yesterday and had to share:

50% off coupon

it's a printable 50% off any regular priced item at Michaels, good through this Saturday. My Michaels is moving (yay!!), but that means that their selection is really picked over and sparse right now (Boo!).
EDIT: You can use this at JoAnn's too, if you have one.
I ended up getting some Wilton gel food colors (regularly 14.99- I paid 7.50 for 12 colors), four stamps ($1/ea. The new ones are so cute!), a versamark stamp ($7.99) and 10 very cute 12X12 scrapbook papers (5/$1!).
I think Martha Stewart knew about the sale, because her entire line was 20% off, so the coupon doesn't work for them. Too bad, because what I really wanted was this:
Martha Stewart Essential Colors Glitter Set

I just think the colors are gorgeous and would make for fun card accents. Oh well, some day, my sparkly pretties. Some day you will be mine.

Have fun with your coupon!


  1. Skip the Martha Stewart glitters. Go to a scrapbooking store and get Glitter Ritz. It's more expensive, but it's sooo much better.

  2. Good to know, thank you! Sadly, all of the scrapbook stores around here have closed. I think I'll just get some stickles and call it good. I'm sure I'd be a mess with loose glitter anyways!

  3. Online at

    And transfer your glitters to Gladware containers. No mess. HTH!