Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seasoned Breadsticks

Ugly little suckers, I know, but so tasty!

If you ever see the little round container of "bread dipping spices" that has four flavors in one container, or the Johnny's Garlic Spread, buy it right away. I have used them countless times in the kitchen since getting them both a few months ago. My pizzas, bread sticks and even my toast have never been more delicious. Alas, my bread dipping spices are getting low, and I can't find them in my area *sob!*

Anyways, I made these simple and super tasty bread sticks one night when I was having a horrible carb craving.
I used my favorite pizza dough recipes, but added in 1 tbs of bread dipping spices. Then I coated them with melted butter mixed with Johnny's Garlic Spread before baking them. I've always been a bread stick fiend and these just hit the spot!

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